Greensboro NC

Greensboro NC

Had some fun with my phone. Ain’t technology swell?


perfection. as a general goal.


Today was a mildly successful day.  It is going to take quite a bit of work to do all the things I plan to do.  But even getting a post down is a start in the right direction.

As far as the day’s progression–I would consider it rather plain.  Got up late.  But managed a solid hour of cleaning and arranging in the Sanctuary.   (It’s what I have started calling my room.  Laugh if you want, but naming things is a thing that grants power and importance in my opinion.  That…and it’s fun.  I have named all the vehicles I have owned after X-men heroines.)  BIked to works, as Rogue (my Jeep) is still not behaving.  Work was solid. Got quite a bit done.  Yet it never feels like enough.  I have got to work on having a better attitude there.  Sometimes I can get so…depressingly frustrated.  It comes from being so jaded in soooo many ways.  Yet, it ended on a good note.  I biked home and had do some room arranging in the room next door.  Basically I had to take all my stuff out in preparation for it being rented out to someone.  As if anyone would want to live here.  Other than me.  And the people that live here already.

See?  Jaded.