The Mark of Athena

Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3), The - Rick Riordan

Yes, I know.  I was very late in reading The Mark of Athena.  The two jobs + social life + random classes = very little personal time.  But I finally got around to it.  May I say, it is glorious.

Following the same heroes from the earlier books, (Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, Jason, Frank, and Hazel) this book is the first to have them all together and on the quest to take down Mother Earth.  (Actually Gaea, but Mother Earth should suffice.)  It is the most epic of the series so far with both Percy and Jason together.  I, personally, enjoyed them both testing each others limits and patience as they tried to win whatever pissing contest existed between them.  One would expect this.  Percy is the son of Poseidon and Jason is the son of Jupiter.  They can help but passive aggressively fight for control.  Of course, I side with Percy. (At one point, when possessed, they actually fight.  It was awesome.  Points to Riordan for giving us the fight we wanted without it actually being a fight. ) It almost doesn’t need to be said that it’s really Annabeth that is running this game–as the title suggests.

If you didn’t like Leo before, by the end of this book you will.  He matures(?) in such an awesome way.  Yet, he still enjoys playing the clown.  To be honest, I enjoy how everyone continues to mature.  Especially Percy and Annabeth.  I remember when he was such an aloof little child and it seems the constant threat of death beats some fortitude in even the most unlikely of heroes.

I was bound to love this book as I have loved every one in this series (and the one before).  The mix of reality and mythology so perfectly balanced; characters that are funny and memorable.


Fortune’s Pawn


Just finished reading this one.  Comes out in November.  If you can’t tell by the cover, it falls in the realm of Science Fiction.  By Rachel Bach.

It was a fun read.  It wasn’t the deepest of book or the most poetic, but I am sure that was not what the author had in mind.  I am sure the author had in mind a crazy-action-fulled love story.  Yes, I said it. This is in part (at least 33.33%) a love story.  It at first took me by surprise.

Here was a main character I loved.  Devi is smart, feisty, forthright and skilled.  She is basically a female child of Boba Fett and Han Solo.  At least.  She is great to read and choice to write in first-person made this all the better.  Other characters were great also.  The interplay between them is certainly not the most “organic” (read: everyone acts exactly the way you expect them to–sometimes its tedious).   But there is certainly some fun to be had in some exchanges. The Doctor takes the cake in Best Supporting Character.  You’ll see.

The plot is interesting.  It was relatively slow and forward marching for most of the book.  Not to say a bad thing at all.  It was just straight forward.  The most complex think for most of the book is the love story.  (Later on that.)  But the universe really opens up at the end.  The end and the all the possibilities and all the questions make me really excited to read when the next one comes out.  (In about two years).

My only problem was the love story.  And not the whole thing.  It is fun and certainly adds to the story and the tension.  This book would be totally different without it and I cannot say for certain it would be a good thing.   But it get completely mushy at times. It pulled me out of the Scifi Galactic Romp Around story to the cheesy Romantic Bare-chested Man story.  I should have guessed when the sex scene came up and she was cumming everywhere. (Yay him.  I’m serious–that should always be celebrated).  But it suddenly read a lot less like Scifi.

Anyway, good new Scifi, book.  If the phrase “Samus done right,” makes sense to you–go pick it up.