March Saneness

Uncertainty and insecurity.  Things I have in spades. I do not mean to say this as a horrible “woe is me” cry or attention.  I mean it as I try to better myself.  I do not like cutting off possibilities.  It feels like I am limiting myself, constraining myself–and I hate being boxed in.  But that means that life get very uncertain and a little directionless.  I have (for good or for bad) a lot of hope, and I could not give up on my dreams.  But would be illogical to continue as if there was plenty of time left.  So I am going to have to start making decisions, and will need to constrain myself.    Thus, some (minor) constraints.  No porn.  No video games.  No heavy drinking.  Working out at least once a day.  At least thirty minutes a day here.   At least an hour a day studying something something I do not understand fully. At least an hour a day spent on theater/drama/passions.  At least an hour each day spent on making a future for myself. A book a week.